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Credit repayment

MC Bank Rus can offer you a wide network of credit repayment.


  1. repayment via Rapida system is carried out without commission *;
  2. the payment is entered the next day;
  3. payment outlets within walking distance;
  4. the bank informs about the state of account free of charge;

You can repay the credit in any of the following ways, either in part or in whole.

Partial prepayment is made only on the day of the monthly payment on the credit, while maintaining sufficient funds on the current account in advance taking into account the transfer within 3 working days.

At your discretion, a payment schedule can be converted to one of the following:

  • term of the credit is reduced, the amount of the monthly payment does not change
  • the sum of the monthly payment is reduced, the loan period is not changed

If you want to get a recalculated payment schedule, it is necessary to mark the method of schedule delivery in the request for a partial repayment of the credit.

Full prepayment is made any day in the presence of sufficient funds on the account of the Client.

To get the original MCO after full prepayment of the credit you need to file an application in any Mitsubishi dealership, where there is a representative of MC Bank Rus. You can get the original MCO in Mitsubishi dealership you selected in the application for repayment of the credit within 7 working days after full repayment of the credit.

IMPORTANT! Application for partial or full prepayment must be submitted to the Bank not later than 3 business days prior to the date of prepayment!

Methods of repayment

Rapida offers its customers more than 100,000 payment outlets all over Russia.
Commission for payment will not be charged *

Payments are accepted:

With no limits on the amount of payment:

  1. At the cash desks of Svyaznoy showrooms
  2. At the cash desks of regional cellular communications showrooms: Banzai, Symbol
  3. At the cash desks of home appliances retail chains:  Eldorado, М.Video, Technosila, Expert, 10 Dimension, Sibvez, Technoshok, Technovideo, StartMaster.

With the restriction of the maximum amount of lumpsum payment of 15,000 rubles

  1. By means of terminals: Sprintnet, RosExpress, PinPayExpress, X-Plat, Svobodnaya Kassa, TelePay, Quickpay and others**

A complete list of Rapida payment outlets can be found on the websites of retailers or at:

Instructions for making payments

For more information on Rapida go to, or call Customer Support: +7 (495) 380-15-55 (for Moscow residents) 8-800-555-444-1 (for the residents of Russia). The call is free

* IMPORTANT! Rapida Payments via Russian Post are with commission (1.9%, not less than 50rub.)
** Attention! Payments via TelePay and Svobodnaya Kassa terminals are temporarily suspended

QIWI Terminals

Instructions for paying credit via QIWI terminals

  1. Select the section “Banks’ Services” in QIWI terminal interface
  2. Next select the type of operation - "Repayment"
  3. Specify the number of the current account in MC Bank RUS (cl.2.17 of the Offer)
  4. Enter surname, first name and middle name of the payee
  5. Enter the payment amount (max transfer amount is 15 000 rubles)*
  6. Confirm your payment and get a receipt at the terminal. Keep the receipt, it confirms your payment!

The term of entering the payment is 3 working days

"The entered data is stored in the "My Account" section as a payment template that can be used for future payments. To do this, simply open your Profile in any QIWI payment terminal, select the required entry in the "Selected payments" section and make the payment.

You can get more information from the Call Cеnter at 8 800 200 00 59 (the call in Russia is free) or 8 (495) 783-59-59 or at QIWI website.

* The commission in the amount of 1,6% of the transfer sum is charged, but not less than 50 rubles

Cash Desks of the Bank


  1. 24 Ryazansky Prospect, Building 3
  2. 31 Altufievskoe Shosse, Building 1
  3. 31 Altufievskoe Shosse, Building 8
  4. 31 Yaroslavskoe Shosse
  5. Khimki, 21 Leningradskoe Shosse
  6. 63Б Leningradskoe Shosse
  7. 5A 2 Magistralny Tupik
  8. 127 Varshavskoe Shosse
  9. 27 Obrucheva Street, Building 1
  10. МКАD 24 km Мoscow region, Leninsky District, Razvilka Settlement, sec. 1-РО


  1. 68А Poljustrovsky Prospect
  2. 3A Staroderevenskaya Street

You can also find the list of cash desks here.

Wire transfer

You can transfer money to repay the credit from your salary account or your account at any other bank. But in this case commission is charged according to the tariffs of the sender Bank.

IMPORTANT: The correct completion of the payment order.

Sample payment order - transfer without opening an account

Sample payment order - transfer from an account