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Mitsubishi Motors Finance

Representatives of the Bank

Loan products of MC Bank Rus are available in 140 Mitsubishi dealerships in 90 cities of Russia. In each official Mitsubishi dealer center there are representatives of MC Bank Rus, who can provide full information and calculation of credit purchase of a Mitsubishi vehicle, and who are always ready to help you drawing up a credit application.

Addresses of Mitsubishi dealerships

Advantages of the program:

  • Low interest rates*
  • Minimum initial installment - 15%
  • Reduced first credit payment
  • The possibility to draw up a credit with 2 documents**
  • A positive decision on the credit is valid for up 3 months

* MC Bank Rus offers the most favorable rates in the framework of MMF program (Mitsubishi Motors Finance)
** With the initial installment of 35% of the vehicle cost.

Credit conditions

  • Credit currency - Russian rubles
  • Minimum credit amount - 150,000 rubles
  • Maximum credit amount - 85% of the vehicle’s cost / 95% of the vehicle’s cost if the credit amount includes insurance premiums and / or specialty equipment
  • The term of credit is 12-60 months
  • Initial installment is from 15% of the vehicle’s cost
  • Insurance against risks of damage and auto theft (MOD) for the full value of the vehicle is obligatory, the beneficiary is JSC MC Bank Rus against the risk of theft and loss / total loss in the amount of outstanding debt
  • It is possible to include specialty equipment for the vehicle purchased into the amount of the credit, if the cost of specialty equipment does not exceed 15% of the vehicle’s cost

Requirements for borrowers

  • Citizenship of the Russian Federation
  • Place of registration and actual residence - any region of Russia
  • The age of the borrower / guarantor - from 21 years at the time of obtaining the credit to 60 years (men) / 55 (women) at the time of full repayment of the credit
  • Total work experience of at least 1 year
  • Experience at the last (current) place of employment of at least 3 months