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General information

JSC MC Bank Rus was established in 1994 (General License of the Bank of Russia No. 2789 of 28.03.2014). Initially, the mission of the Bank was to finance businesses, credit automobile business, conduct operations with foreign currency. From April 2014 the Bank started crediting individuals to buy Mitsubishi vehicles under the Mitsubishi Motors Finance program in all official Mitsubishi dealerships.

Under the program Mitsubishi vehicle buyers are offered special discounted rates for the entire product range to make Mitsubishi vehicles more affordable and reduce customer expenses associated with buying a car on credit.


Legal address: 117485, Moscow, 30/1 Obrucheva Street, Building 2, Krugozor Business Centre
Actual address: 117485, Moscow, 30/1 Obrucheva Street, Building 2, Krugozor Business Centre
Telephone: 8 (495) 287-04-80 / fax: 8 (495) 287-04-79
Working hours: 9:30—17:00 (Monday to Friday)


License to conduct banking operations in rubles and foreign currency (without the right to take deposits from individuals) (No. 2789 of 28.03.2014).

License to take deposits from individuals in rubles and foreign currency (No. 2789 of 28.03.2014).

Certificate of inclusion in the register of banks-participants of the statutory deposit insurance system (No. 991 of 08.06.2011).

Federal Security Service Licenses

Provision of services in the field of data encryption

Maintenance of encryption (cryptographic) means

Distribution of encryption (cryptographic) means


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